Weather plugin for XFCE4

A panel plugin showing the current temperature and weather condition. Icons are from Liquid Weather made by?, weather data provided by


Sunday, 29 Feb - The weather plugin is now hosted at

Sunday, 29 Feb - Released version 0.3.0. You can now select multiple items to be shown, also added a forecast tab to the summary window.

Thursday, 12 Feb - Version 0.2.0 has been released. Features added are: icon size now reflects the panel size, middle click forces an update, left click brings up a summary page, added option to select where to display the temperature (patch by Eoin Coffey) and fixed some small bugs.

Location code

To find your location code:

Bob Snyder pointed out that if you have a zip code you can also use the first 5 digits of it as your location code.

Known issues

If your network connection is slow or not working the panel might freeze a bit. This is due to the use of network sockets that block for a short time, you might want to turn the plug-in off.

Screen shot


Download the weather plugin here

Gentoo ebuild (by Ben Ford)